Wk3-Art Experience-SnapChat

The art experience during this week was a unique experience I had so far compared to the other two we had. Instead of creating our own art, we were required to take another person’s piece of art and add to it. I really enjoyed looking at other artist work who’s career is to create art. I experienced new perspectives of how art is conveyed whether in a painting or sculpture. The photos I took are the first two ones with the text on them. I was drawn to the painting of the city because the message I got from it was hopelessness. I thought maybe if add a sun, bike, and a kid playing it would change the theme of the painting. The second one was a painting of two rooms. For this one I thought of making it with a fantasy element, which the turtle came to mind. I went with making it a mobile home that is being carried by a turtle. I chose the turtle because when I look at the room I see the owner as a book writer due to all the paper packed together. I thought a turtle would go in perfect because usually writers take time to write their stories. The classmate photos were by Bez, who added different elements to the photos. What I learned from this art experience is that the audience see art in different perspectives. When I look at Bez’s photos I can see how he viewed them because he added his own ideas to it.


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