Wk3- Artist Conversation- Heather Jarrard

image1 (4)

Artist: Heather Jarrard

Exhibition: Standard 2.6

Media: Beans, macaroni, hot glue Size Varies

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @cobranoag

About the Artist: Heather is a graduate student who graduated from Long Beach with a major in art education. Her main focus right now is to bring awareness to others about the art program’s budget and how it isn’t acceptable at its current state. She brings this awareness by exclusively using beans and macaroni as materials in her art. Heather’s creative process begins by looking at other artist’s work so that it can inspire her. Once she receives that inspiration she begins to examine her materials for the art carefully, analyzing them piece by piece. When she is familiar with the materials, she then starts to construct the shapes mentally until she comes to the perfect shape to begin modeling the materials. Her inspiration to become a artist came from her father, who was artist himself. As of right now, Heather in interested in becoming a art teacher in either middle school or high school. Like her father, she wants to be an inspiration to other students.

Formal Analysis: The sculptures are made up of mostly beans and macaroni. The colors of the sculptures don’t differ greatly and they come out as mundane. There isn’t a distinct shape that the sculptures follow, it seems that the shapes were created randomly. One piece is shaped as a cactus while the other as a shrub. The outer layers seem rigid and smooth due to the materials. The sculptures don’t exhibit symmetry at all, they are unbalanced from top to bottom. The scale of the objects are tiny ranging from about five to seven inches. There is rhythm within the sculptures, for the consistent materials makes it seem it is following a pattern.

Content Analysis: The idea behind these sculptures are to bring awareness of the art programs low budget. Just from glancing at the art it does its job as portraying the low budget. Her idea was to use cheap materials such as macaroni and beans, which are easy to come by. She wants her audience to understand that these type of materials limit their creativity. It hinders her creativity because the materials she used doesn’t have the potential to convey her artistic expression.

Synthesis/ Experience: When I saw these sculptures, I was reminded of the sculptures I used to create in grade school. I assumed at first glance that these sculptures were ordinary and that it wasn’t innovated at all. However, when I had my conversation with Heather, my perspective of her art had changed. I can see why Heather decided to use beans and macaroni as materials. I was aware of what she was trying to accomplish, and that became admirable of her. Now when I view her art I see it as a message to the audience about the current state of the art program.


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