WK4- Artist Experience- Graffiti painting

This weeks art experience was an interesting one because I had never used spray paint to graffiti before. I was always surprised at how good individuals were at drawing graffiti on the streets. When ever I saw a good one, I assume that the artist who did it is highly skilled and competent at drawing graffiti. At first I felt really inexperience because I thought I was going to need a mask for the smell, but after I outlined my initial I realized that I wouldn’t need it. After spraying my name, my assumption about them being skilled still remains. I found it difficult to accurately draw my name to the way I wanted it to be. It is apparent that the two s on my name were the hardest part for me, while the other letters weren’t as difficult. I decided to go with the colors blue and black because those were the only ones I had in my garage. I used black as the outline because black is a lot plainer than compared to blue, which I used to fill in the letters. I used cardboard as the base because I didn’t have access to a wall to graffiti on. What I learned from this experience is that graffiti does have some type of expression attached to it. I felt that my identity was imprinted in my piece and that it was a expression of myself. It was a great experience to try something new where I have no experience or knowledge.


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