Wk5- Art Experience-Cuisine

This weeks art experience was a fun one because it was up to me to create an entire new cuisine. This dish is made up of a noodles, candy, a orange, and chili. Decided on these materials because they’re one of my favorite snacks to eat, so I came up with the idea to combine them. I went with the orange as the bowl because it is one of my favorite fruits to eat. I thought if I use the orange to hold everything, then I can get a slight taste of an orange. I went with noodles because it is a meal I usually eat when I’m lazy and hungry. I always used the chili to add to my noodles, so it was essential to include it in my cuisine. For the candy, my sister had bought a ton of these types of candy when she went to Mexico. I thought maybe I can include these to make it seem more of a Hispanic dish. The outcome of the dish didn’t come out as I had planned. I had envisioned it a lot better both in taste and appearance. The taste from the orange didn’t go well with the noodles and the candy did no fit either with the taste. Even though it didn’t come out how I wanted it, I had a blast creating my cuisine. I felt like a real chef, deciding on what materials I wanted and how it should look.


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