Wk 10- Art Experience- Instagram

This weeks art experience was one of my favorites. I never had a Instagram account because I felt that I didn’t need one. Since we had to make one for this class, I was still skeptical about keeping it. After I made one and saw all the tags and different people posting unique photos, my opinion about Instagram changed completely. I enjoyed looking through peoples photos, especially my classmates. My photo is on the right and I took it on my to Art 110. I always go through this path on my way to class, and usually they’re always photos like these on the walls. I chose the one of my peer’s photo on the left, and the reason why because it is similar to mine. It seems that we when both commute to anywhere and we find art on the wall, it gets out attention. We are drawn to it because of its shape, design, color, or image. We admire it and take photos so that we can share this experience.


WK 10- Artist Conversation- Helen Werner Cox

image1 (9)

Artist: Helen Werner Cox

Exhibition: Silent Screams

Media: Oil and Pastel

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: HelenWernerCox.com

About the Artist: Helen was born and raised in New York, she started her career as a teacher teaching in Boston, but after awhile she grew tired of the weather. She then decided to move West where the weather is a lot warmer compared to the East. When she arrived in California, Helen got another job as a teacher in Long Beach. Helen is currently majoring in the FA drawing and Painting figurative program. She is a graduate student and this is her last semester. The reason why she began to paint carousels was because she had discovered a peculiar antique carousel. It was odd to her because the horses looked like they were screaming, and the image of the horses was imprinted in her mind. After that experience, she became fascinated in finding other carousels to paint.

Formal Analysis: From the information provided by Helen, she is using oil and pastel for this particular painting. What stands out from this painting are the colors, size, and the lines. The colors which consist of a variety are responsible for animating the painting. The color that mostly represents the painting is red, which could’ve been the actual color of this carousel. However, towards the bottom right of the painting the color that seems to be dominant is black. I believe that she decided to paint it black because the the main function of a carousel is to spin. She wanted to express that function by painting the bottom half all black. The black part seems to represent endlessness as in the spinning of the carousel, which can only be stopped if the off switch is on. As for the lines and the size, both these aspects are what make the painting realistic. The lines are perfectly drawn out that it forms the actual shape of the horse. The size of the horses on the carousels are also replicated realistically. As if we are actually at the carousel waiting to get on to ride it.

Content Analysis: What the artist was conveying through her painting was the image she saw when she look at the carousel in real life. What I noticed about Helen was that she fascinated in carousels, specifically this one. She described her experience in detail, explaining everything on the carousel from color, shape, and emotion. When I look at her painting I see what she was describing about the carousel. Her main focus was to replicate the image she saw in her interpretation, so this painting is her perspective of the carousel that she saw.

Synthesis/ My experience: What I learned from this weeks artist conversation was that art does not need to be an idea that is created. It can be an experience that the artist had and then share share that experience seen through their eyes. Helen’s painting conveys that idea, when I glance at her painting its as if I’m really there right in front of the carousel. I think this idea about perspective is interesting because we are looking at the artist point of view.

Wk 10- Classmate Conversation- Elidia Ramirez

image1 (9).JPG

For this weeks classmate conversation I met Elidia who is currently a second year student in CSULB. She is majoring in sociology so that she can become a social worker, and the reason why she wants to become a social worker is because she wants to help kids. She is taking this class in order to finish her Ge requirements. The type of music she listens to is the Spanish genre, and this is the only type she normally listens to on a daily basis. She was born and raised in North Long beach, but attended Lakewood high school. For her hobbies, she likes to play soccer on her free time and watch TV. She doesn’t have a favorite show, she said she doesn’t roll like that. She just likes to watch anything that she finse on her TV box. In ten years she sees herself with a husband and a family of her own. She also mentioned a house, but it has to in the color yellow because that is her favorite color. She also said that she has to have a mini cooper, if not then it is a no deal. There is something about the cooper that speaks to her, and of course it has to be in yellow.




Wk 9- Artist Experience-Moonbase Alpha

image1 (8).JPG

This here is EskiNeemo, and she is a bounty hunter from a far away planet called Artimo, which is about sixty light years away. She is currently on a mission looking for a specific individual who committed atrocities on her home planet. The reason they sent her was because the government on Artimo don’t have jurisdiction to conduct aggressive action in our solar system, so they hired her as a bounty hunter. Artimo is naturally a cold planet, so that is the reason why EskiNeemo wears a jacket to keep her worm. It is also where she keeps her arsenal, which pertains of a gamma blaster and a pair of laser hand cuffs. She is considered a sharp shooter, but is also exceptionally good at hand to hand combat. EskiNeemo is also weary of her surroundings, every planet she visits she is always in guard. So far she has visited Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn where she did not find her bounty. However, she is currently without a doubt that her bounty is currently residing here on earth. She knows this because she found her bounty’s space ship crashed here on earth, on the shore of the nearest beach. When we asked her what the name of her bounty was, she refused to tell us, but rather she gave us description o the perpetrator. She described him as a big solid green man. She is very eager to locate him because of the terrible things he has done on her home planet. Apparently he has been traveling to other planets causing mayhem and then taking off.

EskiNeemo has backup in case things go haywire here on earth, and we were luckily enough to have her give us their contacts.




Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Susanna Ali

image1 (8)

Artist: Susanna Ali

Exhibition: All Work All Play Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Materials: Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No website

About the Artist: Susanna describes herself as a doer when it comes to life. She doesn’t like to think about the future or what she will do in the next hour. Susanna does whatever comes to her mind at the time, not worrying about or stressing about anything. Her philosophy of life is conveyed into her art as well. She stated that she doesn’t have a particular design to start off with, but it gradually comes to her as she is molding her materials. Susanna is also immensely fascinated in metal, specifically with melting it and forming into art. There is something about metal that connects with her, allowing her to convey her feelings, thoughts, and mood.

Formal Analysis: Both pieces look as if they’re made out of the same metal, but molded differently. The one on the left looks like is was made to replicate bowls, but the size of it is medium and small. These are also the only pieces that have a color and a design within them. The color they both encompass is white and the artist did that probably because white stands out compared to the bowls color. The design in both bowls is a flower, but both have different types of flowers. Maybe the artist wanted to convey the idea about accepting who you are instead of trying to be someone else. Since when flowers bloom they can’t physically change their colors. She has both of them next to each to compare, Susanna probably wants the audience to recognize that size does not matter. Whether we are tall or short, or from different religions we are all the same.

Content Analysis: The theme Susanna wanted to convey was to have people go with their instincts and do stuff that makes them feel good. She has this dynamic theme embedded into her art and it conveys it appropriately. When we look at her art pieces we don’t see anything special that is innovated or unique. What we see is passion in her art, she created these pieces not because she was told to, but because she wanted to create them. That really shows in art in both style and color.

Synthesis/ My Experience: What I learned from this weeks artist expreince was that artist don’t need to be the next big hit. They can just create art because they have the passion to do so. Art is something that a individual creates from an idea that comes to the their mind. It may not seem as art to others, but to them it is art and probably the greatest from of artistic expression out there.

Wk 9- Classmate Conversation- Peter Bay

image1 (8).JPG

For this weeks classmate conversation I met Peter. Peter decided to take this class be because it interested him when he read description of it, and also he wanted to meet knew people. Peter currently resides in Long beach where he was raised. One of his favorite hobbies is to play video games such as Halo, League of Legends, and GTA. Peter sees himself in the next ten years with a high paying job. He currently is majoring in Japanese hoping for someday he can be fluent in the language. Peter also wants to remain connected to his friends that he makes once he graduates from CSULB. Peter is planing on joining the Cambodian society club next year to be more involved in school. He listens to all types of music, and usually gets into a specific genre when someone introduces it to him. Peter is currently employed at Pizza Hut in Long Beach. He said it isn’t a bad since his boss is a nice person and doesn’t nag to him at all. His responsibilities is to deliver pizza, clean, and also make it. He did say that he had to deal with weird customers when delivering pizza, either they were rude to him or didn’t have the money to pay him.

Website: https://dahbay.wordpress.com/

Wk 8- Artist Experience- Automatic Drawing

This weeks artist experience was a unique and fun way of doing art. I had my brother help me out in this weeks project, and we both had a blast at drawing our art. At first it was a little weird then after a couple seconds it felt as if it was a normal thing to do. It was difficult in the beginning because we were both fighting against each each other, he wanted to go a certain way and I wanted to go my way. When we finally got synchronized, drawing on the paper felt fluid and smooth. Our results however, did not come out as we both expected. We were expecting a actually drawing of smoothing, but instead we drew something that doesn’t even make sense. It took us a total of three minutes to draw this master piece. The drawing does resemble a octopus, that is what we both agreed on. I learned this week that art doesn’t always have to be eye popping or make sense. Art can be an experience the artist has either it be fun or frustrating. While in this case, the experience was fun and we both created something out of having a good time.

Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Enrique Plascencia

image1 (8).JPG

Enrique is senior who his majoring in drawing and painting. He is currently taking this class because it is part of his requirements for his capstones. He has been interested in painting all of his life, and has gotten better due to art course such as this one. For hobbies he likes to go out, draw, and photograph anything that comes out as beautiful to him. He enjoys all types of music but mostly likes to listen to old school music. Enrique was born and raised in southern California, and currently resides in the city of Paramount. In ten years, he sees himself having his own business in selling clothes with his own design. He has been talking with his brother who is a business major to help him in his dream towards opening his business. A theme that he goes by for his paintings is abstract painting. He loves working with this theme because it is easier for him to paint shapes and color. Also, if he makes a mistake he can just work with it rather then starting from scratch. The most important reason why he paints abstractly is to have his audience come up with they’re own interpretation of the painting. He doesn’t want to paint something that has a specific meaning, but rather he wants his viewers to create they’re own meanings. This way makes his art more dynamic instead of having a specific message.

Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Luis Arias

image1 (8)

Artist: Luis Arias

Exhibition: Welcome to the Weaving Machine

Media: Wood, Metal, and Yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No website

About the Artist: Luis is a undergraduate who is currently working to get his BA in Art education, specifically the wood program. He is a senior as of right now and is looking forward to graduating in May of this year. Luis’s plans to visit Europe and stay there for awhile after graduating. He normally he visits Europe on vocation, but now he wants to live over there for a coupe of years. He currently has no kids, and a reason for that is that he wants to keep traveling around the world. He believes if he were to have kids, his days of traveling would be over. Luis loves to work with wood because it allows him to be creative, building anything he wants from scratch and combining other pieces to form a new piece. He loves to watch soccer, but he currently does not have a favorite team. He gets his inspiration from weaving, there is something about it that inspires him.

Formal Analysis: Just from its appearance, it is obvious that this object is a weaving machine. The majority of the pieces that make out the machine is wood, while what holds it together is metal joints and screws. The yarn and strings are what allows it to weave materials. The scale of the piece is realistic, meaning that it was created in a actual size of a weaving machine. The object also shows balance because all the pieces are proportionally sculpted in sizes that allows it to hold it in its place. It also looks strong and sturdy, as if nothing can break this object unless someone deliberately tried to. It isn’t colorful or eye popping, instead it is rather bland and simplistic.

Content Analysis: What Luis was striving for was to show that working with wood allows a lot of creative ways to make art. He built this particular machine from scratch with using nothing but the materials available to him. It took him nearly six months to complete the entire machine. He had to combine different wood pieces together and carve them in a specific way so that it fits. Luis creativity was not hindered or blocked from using wood, instead it pushed him to be as creative as he can be. If some pieces didn’t fit together he wouldn’t think about how he messed up, he would rather think of another way to make it fit. This sculptor conveys Luis determination and creativity to build a object from pieces that he himself carved out of.

Synthesis/ My Experience: What I learned from his weeks artist conversation is that creativity has no limit. Luis showed me that working with the right materials can bring out an artist full potential. It was the first time I learned about an artist so deeply involved in there work. He had to shred sweat, blood, and time in order to build his sculpture. I view that as inspirational because it took him half a year to complete. It showed that he did not at once give up, but rather kept going forward  into building his piece.

Wk 7- Art Experience- Group Video Project

For this week art experience we made a video about bringing awareness to bullying. For this project Peter and I both contributed to making this short film. We felt that bullying was the best theme for our video because a lot of bullying happens everywhere either on the internet or in school. We wanted someone to dress in a green suit because it made the video seem ambiguous. It didn’t make any sense to why would someone bully some other person while wearing a green suit. We did this because bullying can occur in different settings such on online video games or the workplace; we didn’t want to show a specific type of bullying. We filmed the video in my backyard for the scenery was a perfect setting for our video. Peter helped by filming the video while my brother dressed as green man. We had a lot of fun making this video, and I learned a lot about editing videos. As you can see the video has different scenes and a song attached to it. I edited the entire video making sure each scene transitioned naturally to the next.