Wk 7- Art Experience- Group Video Project

For this week art experience we made a video about bringing awareness to bullying. For this project Peter and I both contributed to making this short film. We felt that bullying was the best theme for our video because a lot of bullying happens everywhere either on the internet or in school. We wanted someone to dress in a green suit because it made the video seem ambiguous. It didn’t make any sense to why would someone bully some other person while wearing a green suit. We did this because bullying can occur in different settings such on online video games or the workplace; we didn’t want to show a specific type of bullying. We filmed the video in my backyard for the scenery was a perfect setting for our video. Peter helped by filming the video while my brother dressed as green man. We had a lot of fun making this video, and I learned a lot about editing videos. As you can see the video has different scenes and a song attached to it. I edited the entire video making sure each scene transitioned naturally to the next.


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