Wk 8 – Artist Conversation – Luis Arias

image1 (8)

Artist: Luis Arias

Exhibition: Welcome to the Weaving Machine

Media: Wood, Metal, and Yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No website

About the Artist: Luis is a undergraduate who is currently working to get his BA in Art education, specifically the wood program. He is a senior as of right now and is looking forward to graduating in May of this year. Luis’s plans to visit Europe and stay there for awhile after graduating. He normally he visits Europe on vocation, but now he wants to live over there for a coupe of years. He currently has no kids, and a reason for that is that he wants to keep traveling around the world. He believes if he were to have kids, his days of traveling would be over. Luis loves to work with wood because it allows him to be creative, building anything he wants from scratch and combining other pieces to form a new piece. He loves to watch soccer, but he currently does not have a favorite team. He gets his inspiration from weaving, there is something about it that inspires him.

Formal Analysis: Just from its appearance, it is obvious that this object is a weaving machine. The majority of the pieces that make out the machine is wood, while what holds it together is metal joints and screws. The yarn and strings are what allows it to weave materials. The scale of the piece is realistic, meaning that it was created in a actual size of a weaving machine. The object also shows balance because all the pieces are proportionally sculpted in sizes that allows it to hold it in its place. It also looks strong and sturdy, as if nothing can break this object unless someone deliberately tried to. It isn’t colorful or eye popping, instead it is rather bland and simplistic.

Content Analysis: What Luis was striving for was to show that working with wood allows a lot of creative ways to make art. He built this particular machine from scratch with using nothing but the materials available to him. It took him nearly six months to complete the entire machine. He had to combine different wood pieces together and carve them in a specific way so that it fits. Luis creativity was not hindered or blocked from using wood, instead it pushed him to be as creative as he can be. If some pieces didn’t fit together he wouldn’t think about how he messed up, he would rather think of another way to make it fit. This sculptor conveys Luis determination and creativity to build a object from pieces that he himself carved out of.

Synthesis/ My Experience: What I learned from his weeks artist conversation is that creativity has no limit. Luis showed me that working with the right materials can bring out an artist full potential. It was the first time I learned about an artist so deeply involved in there work. He had to shred sweat, blood, and time in order to build his sculpture. I view that as inspirational because it took him half a year to complete. It showed that he did not at once give up, but rather kept going forward  into building his piece.


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