Wk 8- Artist Experience- Automatic Drawing

This weeks artist experience was a unique and fun way of doing art. I had my brother help me out in this weeks project, and we both had a blast at drawing our art. At first it was a little weird then after a couple seconds it felt as if it was a normal thing to do. It was difficult in the beginning because we were both fighting against each each other, he wanted to go a certain way and I wanted to go my way. When we finally got synchronized, drawing on the paper felt fluid and smooth. Our results however, did not come out as we both expected. We were expecting a actually drawing of smoothing, but instead we drew something that doesn’t even make sense. It took us a total of three minutes to draw this master piece. The drawing does resemble a octopus, that is what we both agreed on. I learned this week that art doesn’t always have to be eye popping or make sense. Art can be an experience the artist has either it be fun or frustrating. While in this case, the experience was fun and we both created something out of having a good time.


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