Wk 8- Classmate Conversation- Enrique Plascencia

image1 (8).JPG

Enrique is senior who his majoring in drawing and painting. He is currently taking this class because it is part of his requirements for his capstones. He has been interested in painting all of his life, and has gotten better due to art course such as this one. For hobbies he likes to go out, draw, and photograph anything that comes out as beautiful to him. He enjoys all types of music but mostly likes to listen to old school music. Enrique was born and raised in southern California, and currently resides in the city of Paramount. In ten years, he sees himself having his own business in selling clothes with his own design. He has been talking with his brother who is a business major to help him in his dream towards opening his business. A theme that he goes by for his paintings is abstract painting. He loves working with this theme because it is easier for him to paint shapes and color. Also, if he makes a mistake he can just work with it rather then starting from scratch. The most important reason why he paints abstractly is to have his audience come up with they’re own interpretation of the painting. He doesn’t want to paint something that has a specific meaning, but rather he wants his viewers to create they’re own meanings. This way makes his art more dynamic instead of having a specific message.


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