Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Susanna Ali

image1 (8)

Artist: Susanna Ali

Exhibition: All Work All Play Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Materials: Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: No website

About the Artist: Susanna describes herself as a doer when it comes to life. She doesn’t like to think about the future or what she will do in the next hour. Susanna does whatever comes to her mind at the time, not worrying about or stressing about anything. Her philosophy of life is conveyed into her art as well. She stated that she doesn’t have a particular design to start off with, but it gradually comes to her as she is molding her materials. Susanna is also immensely fascinated in metal, specifically with melting it and forming into art. There is something about metal that connects with her, allowing her to convey her feelings, thoughts, and mood.

Formal Analysis: Both pieces look as if they’re made out of the same metal, but molded differently. The one on the left looks like is was made to replicate bowls, but the size of it is medium and small. These are also the only pieces that have a color and a design within them. The color they both encompass is white and the artist did that probably because white stands out compared to the bowls color. The design in both bowls is a flower, but both have different types of flowers. Maybe the artist wanted to convey the idea about accepting who you are instead of trying to be someone else. Since when flowers bloom they can’t physically change their colors. She has both of them next to each to compare, Susanna probably wants the audience to recognize that size does not matter. Whether we are tall or short, or from different religions we are all the same.

Content Analysis: The theme Susanna wanted to convey was to have people go with their instincts and do stuff that makes them feel good. She has this dynamic theme embedded into her art and it conveys it appropriately. When we look at her art pieces we don’t see anything special that is innovated or unique. What we see is passion in her art, she created these pieces not because she was told to, but because she wanted to create them. That really shows in art in both style and color.

Synthesis/ My Experience: What I learned from this weeks artist expreince was that artist don’t need to be the next big hit. They can just create art because they have the passion to do so. Art is something that a individual creates from an idea that comes to the their mind. It may not seem as art to others, but to them it is art and probably the greatest from of artistic expression out there.


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