Wk 9- Artist Experience-Moonbase Alpha

image1 (8).JPG

This here is EskiNeemo, and she is a bounty hunter from a far away planet called Artimo, which is about sixty light years away. She is currently on a mission looking for a specific individual who committed atrocities on her home planet. The reason they sent her was because the government on Artimo don’t have jurisdiction to conduct aggressive action in our solar system, so they hired her as a bounty hunter. Artimo is naturally a cold planet, so that is the reason why EskiNeemo wears a jacket to keep her worm. It is also where she keeps her arsenal, which pertains of a gamma blaster and a pair of laser hand cuffs. She is considered a sharp shooter, but is also exceptionally good at hand to hand combat. EskiNeemo is also weary of her surroundings, every planet she visits she is always in guard. So far she has visited Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn where she did not find her bounty. However, she is currently without a doubt that her bounty is currently residing here on earth. She knows this because she found her bounty’s space ship crashed here on earth, on the shore of the nearest beach. When we asked her what the name of her bounty was, she refused to tell us, but rather she gave us description o the perpetrator. She described him as a big solid green man. She is very eager to locate him because of the terrible things he has done on her home planet. Apparently he has been traveling to other planets causing mayhem and then taking off.

EskiNeemo has backup in case things go haywire here on earth, and we were luckily enough to have her give us their contacts.





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