Wk 10- Art Experience- Instagram

This weeks art experience was one of my favorites. I never had a Instagram account because I felt that I didn’t need one. Since we had to make one for this class, I was still skeptical about keeping it. After I made one and saw all the tags and different people posting unique photos, my opinion about Instagram changed completely. I enjoyed looking through peoples photos, especially my classmates. My photo is on the right and I took it on my to Art 110. I always go through this path on my way to class, and usually they’re always photos like these on the walls. I chose the one of my peer’s photo on the left, and the reason why because it is similar to mine. It seems that we when both commute to anywhere and we find art on the wall, it gets out attention. We are drawn to it because of its shape, design, color, or image. We admire it and take photos so that we can share this experience.


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