Wk 11- Art experience- Turning Pages


I think we can document experiences like Turning pages through pictures and conversing about that experience. Words can capture the experience by allowing the speaker to tell it through their perspective. That way the audience gets to create the experience through the speakers own view. Pictures can allow us to create our own personal view of the experience captured. For example, the turning pages photos may seem fun to some people, but for other it may seem dull and a waste of time. The type of words used are important because it allows audience to accurately paint the image in their head precisely. The type of photo also matters because depending on the photo it can be a accurate representation of the entire experience. Another way to share this experience is by recording it with both audio and video. That way people can get the view of everyone in the video. I believe that that trying to capture a experience can never fulfill that actual moment. The reason why is because we can’t show everything that is going on such as other people, the environment, and other interactions. The experience for both the bookstore and the library was different. I felt that I couldn’t really show my emotions in the library because the inability to take a photo. I felt that this activity was the least of my favorites, I felt that it didn’t require any creativity like other activities in the past. No, I don’t have any insights in any education or books.


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