Wk 12- Artist Experience- Geogaching

This weeks art experience was the most frustrating and confusing one we had so far. What made it confusing and frustrating was the app, for which I found difficult to operate. I couldn’t figure out how to place my own cache or look up coordinates, and it also repeatedly kept bombarding me messages to join premium. The app itself was the reason why this week art experience was the worst one. Although, I did manage to figure out how to complete this project. Peter and I figured out another alternative to hide our caches and locate them. Instead of creating our own coordinates we used other people’s cache coordinates that were already found. The hint that we gave each other were the descriptions of the cache. Creating my cache was actually enjoyable, I found it interesting in putting random stuff into my cache. The location was difficult because I couldn’t settle on one place. I kept going to place to place thinking this was the perfect spot. Looking for Peter’s cache proved to be difficult as well, looking for his took me a while. However, when I found it, it felt satisfying that I was able to go out and look for something that I have no clue to what it looks like. It was short of a small adventure to go out and look for the cache. It was also exciting to open his because I had know idea to what I was going to find.


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