WK13- Classmate Conversation- Jayson Fields

image1 (9).JPG

Jayson decided to take this class because a friend recommended it to him, and so far he is enjoying it. He likes all types of music and enjoys to listen to them all, but if he had to choose one type of music to listen for eternity it would be hip hop. The reason why he would;d choose hip hop is because he loves the sick beats and that is the only music he can actually dance to. His favorite TV show is flash because when he was a child he loved to watch the animated version. Now that they make in live action, he can get back into one of his favorite child hood shows. Currently he is majoring in athletics, and the reason why is because he is a big fan of sports. He [played almost all types of sports when he was in high school and he looked up to the coaches that helped to get him better. That inspired him to major in athletics so that he can eventually be a inspiration to others. On his free time he likes to play volley ball and basketball with friends. One of his all time favorite movies is the longest yard because he is a huge Adam Sandler fan.




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