WK 13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

image1 (9).JPG

Artist: Nick Bamford

Exhibition: Untitled

Media: Ceramics,

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: No Website

Instagram: @NickBamf4d

About the artist: Nick is a senior this semester and is currently working on getting his bachelors in art. Nick has always been into art, but he didn’t think about it as a career until he took ceramics in high school. After that class he knew then and there that he wanted to make art his top priority both in recreational and education. His inspiration comes from the scale of other artist’s art, which basically means that he finds his inspiration in art that has depth. Nicks main focus or idea in his art is to take items that are completely different from each in terms of function, and combing them together to create a whole new context.

Formal Analysis: Just from glancing at the art piece, what really stands out is its shape. The piece has different types of items attach to it such as a parrot, shopping cart, pistol, chains, violin, lights, a shoe, ceramics and drawings. With all these types of items attached to the piece make it seem unstable, which can symbolize chaos. What supports this idea about chaos is the ceramics which look like it is realistically drooping down the art, forming a puddle with the pistol stuck to it. The drooping ceramic seems to represent blood due to how thick it is. The colors also seem to symbolize unsteadiness as well due to the inconsistency in colors. The art itself has multiple of colors coming from the art piece.

Content Analysis: Nick’s idea about creating a whole new context out of other items is perfectly executed in this art piece. He did a good job in gathering the different pieces and combining them to look uniformly. It is ideal to make them look uniformly so that it creates that specific context. The underlying message in his art is that violence happens regardless of where or how you live. What supports this message is that on the top of his sculpture he contains items that are usually possessed or used in suburban neighborhoods. At the bottom, that is when the message of violence seems to occur because of the representation of the blood and the gun implanted into it.

Synthesis/ My experience: Overall I enjoyed having a conversation with Nick about his art. What I really learned from his style was that different interpretations came from viewing his art. The reason why I came to this conclusion was because he never explicitly gave the message of his art piece. He just said that he added different pieces to create a new context. Perhaps the reason why he did this was so that his audience are left to create their own unique message from the piece.



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