Wk13- Art Experience- Care Package

image1 (9)

Overall I enjoyed this weeks art experience, specifically gathering up all the stuff I wanted to send. The person I’m going to send this to is Enrique, however I did not search up information about him. the reason why I decided not to was because I didn’t want to send him stuff that he might anticipate. He knows what he likes and he must have mentioned it through his website. Instead I wanted to send him stuff that either impacted me or meant something to me in the past. For example, the watch there was one of the first ones I had back when I was in high school. It didn’t really I have a special meaning to me except to tell time, and I stopped using it after it stopped working. The medallion and little dinosaur was something i won at a vending machine, which took me a while to get. The manga I concluded is one of my favorite series to read, I thought maybe he’ll enjoy reading it like I did. It felt exciting and fresh to gather a bunch of stuff that represented me to send to another person. What I hope for Enrique is to learn a little bit about me without having to meet me directly.


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