WK15-Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

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Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As the Crows Flies

Media: Drawing and Printing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist: Nancy is currently a graduate student who is looking forward to finally getting her degree in printing. Nancy had issues when she was younger with substance abuse and as a result she had to drop out of school from CSULB, but eventually through support from her family she was able to get back on her feet. She then decided to follow her dreams in printing sketches. At first it was difficult because printing is not easy to come by unless you have connections. Since printing required expensive machines, it was ideal to know someone with access to printing machines. Nancy finds her way going back to school and taking classes on printing. Through the art program she was able to get access to printing machines and was finally able to print her drawings. Her art is a manifestation of her hardships she experienced through her life. Nancy had also lost her husband.

Formal Analysis: Just from glancing at the art drawings, they contain a simplistic vibe  to it. Color is plain and singular, all three pieces are drawn and colored with black. Also all three are drawn as a crow realistically, meaning that they resemble a crow in real life. The main difference from the three is that they’re drawn from different perspectives: two are drawn only from the head, and the other is drawn from the entire body. The lines and shape are also drawn in a realistic fashion, these pieces are design to represent a crow.

Content Analysis: What Nancy wanted convey in her drawings is that no matter how hard life gets, you can get up and keep moving forward to follow your dreams. The crow is a perfect representation of portraying the hardships we all experience in our lives. However, what the crow can also do is fly like other birds. Flying can be symbolized as hope because soaring through the sky is viewed as good fortune. She wanted to show her audience that life is full of difficult times, but that does not mean you have to abandon your dreams.

My Experience/ Synthesis: My overall experience was a good one for our last artist experience. I learned that meaningful messages can be displayed through simple art. Nancy’s issues were manifested perfectly in her art to which I was able to visualize. Although, I was only able to visualize it because she explained her story to us. With the provided context, her art stood out to me in a meaningful message about life.


WK 15-Classmate Conversation- Tiffany Tran

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Tiffany is currently a freshman who is working towards to get her degree in psychology. Tiffany decided to take this class because she had heard that is was relatively easy. Since it was her second semester, she wanted to take it easy. Her favorite type of music is pop music, and she specifically enjoys John Mayor. The reason why she likes John is because she finds his lyrics inspirational. One of her all time favorite T.V. shows is Friends, and she re watched every episode about ten times. On her free time she loves to hang out with friends and watch movies. The reason why she decided to major in psychology is because she thought it was fun, and so far it is. Her favorite activity s o far was the corpse one. The reason why was because it was the easiest one there was.

Website: https://tiffkyu.wordpress.com/

Wk 14- Art Experience- Sketch drawing in the garden

I really enjoyed this weeks art experience a lot. The reason why was because we were in charge in creating art through both pictures and drawing. I really enjoy this because I’m not a good drawer nor do I like drawing, however I do like taking pictures. Even though I’m not a big fan in drawing, it kind of grew on me during this week. I felt invested and meaningful to recreate my photos through sketching. Its like I’m able to create the image I captured through my  phone. For my photos I took three realistic and three abstract. For the realistic photos, I took any pictured that looked good relative to scenery. However, I did find it difficult to take the abstract photos. I couldn’t make photos look abstract on my phone, so I decided to take up close pictures that resemble abstract. I felt it looked abstract because it didn’t have any context, meaning that it is difficult to interpret because of the up close shot. The drawings took me awhile to actually enjoy because of my bias towards it. I didn’t start to enjoy it after the second image I recreated. At first I wasn’t really trying to be accurate then after the second one, I wanted to be as accurate as possible. But my skills in drawing obviously prevent me from reaching that realism. The abstract drawing was also a blast for me. I found it entertaining to draw whatever came to my mind, I also tried to remain some what close to the original photos for my abstract, but with different objects.