Wk 14- Art Experience- Sketch drawing in the garden

I really enjoyed this weeks art experience a lot. The reason why was because we were in charge in creating art through both pictures and drawing. I really enjoy this because I’m not a good drawer nor do I like drawing, however I do like taking pictures. Even though I’m not a big fan in drawing, it kind of grew on me during this week. I felt invested and meaningful to recreate my photos through sketching. Its like I’m able to create the image I captured through my  phone. For my photos I took three realistic and three abstract. For the realistic photos, I took any pictured that looked good relative to scenery. However, I did find it difficult to take the abstract photos. I couldn’t make photos look abstract on my phone, so I decided to take up close pictures that resemble abstract. I felt it looked abstract because it didn’t have any context, meaning that it is difficult to interpret because of the up close shot. The drawings took me awhile to actually enjoy because of my bias towards it. I didn’t start to enjoy it after the second image I recreated. At first I wasn’t really trying to be accurate then after the second one, I wanted to be as accurate as possible. But my skills in drawing obviously prevent me from reaching that realism. The abstract drawing was also a blast for me. I found it entertaining to draw whatever came to my mind, I also tried to remain some what close to the original photos for my abstract, but with different objects.


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