Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Alicia Keyworth

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Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: Wasteful Growth

Media: Waste and cotton balls.

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: No website

About the Artist: Alicia is currently a under graduate right now tying to get her BA in fiber design. At first she started out pursuing her degree in art design, but later realized that art design does not fully explore her art direction. After she graduates, she sees herself in ten years working at a high school teaching kids about art. One way she likes to get inspired is to go to zoos. There is something about the animals being locked and taken away from their habitat that inspires her. Her work is to bring attention to the large amounts of trash we produce and the fact we don’t do anything about it.

Formal Analysis: For this particular art, it is made entirely out of a trash bag and cotton balls. The shape of the art is in square shape which are equal on all sides. It seems symmetry is a big theme in the piece because the square and the object in the middle are proportionally designed. This method to make everything equally implies balance in her art. The lines are well sculpted, also implying that the piece is strong in both purpose and design. The texture is rigid and the reason for it is because it was made out of a trash bag. It represent that a on the outside it is a beautiful object to glance at, but if you get close enough, you can notice and feel the horrid image portrayed by the art.

Content Analysis: Alicia is focused on conveying the idea about how we treat trash in our world. Normally trash will end up going to the trash dump or end up going to the environment such as the ocean. It will eventually overfill as it is currently right now. Her art is design to teach us that it may seem that we got the situation under control about the trash, but it really isn’t. That is why her art seems beautiful from a distance, but when we get closer we can see the real image of the art.

Synthesis/ My experience: I learned a lot from this week artist conservation. I learned that we tend to view some problems as trivial and not a big deal such as the trash situation. We take for granted that we can easily dispose of our trash without no worries. Instead we should be curious and cautious about our trash. We should ask questions about where does the trash go and does all of it end up where it is suppose to. Then whether we are attempting to fix the issue about our trash ending up in the environment. Alicia’s art does its job as conveying this idea about our current trash epidemic.


Wk 7- Classmate Conversation- Jhonatan Ramos

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For this weeks classmate conversation, I got the opportunity to meet Jhonatan. Jhonatan is a first year student who is majoring in philosophy, and the reason why is so that he can become a priest. He wants to become a priest because his family is religious and he felt that becoming a priest would be the best way to explore his religion. Jhonatan is currently nineteen years old and is enjoying the semester so far. He came from northern California and lives in the dorms on CSULB campus. On his free time he enjoys to take long walks on the beach, play video games, watch TV, and cook. He doesn’t have a particular type of music, but loves to listen to all types. He use to work at McDonalds for the summer and did like the experience. He said that the work load was too much and the pay to little. In ten years he sees himself being a priest in Northern California.


Website: https://jhonatan2016.wordpress.com/


WK 6- Artist experience- Photowalk

This weeks artist experience was a new and fun way of doing art. I enjoyed the idea of walking the campus and taking photos of the objects we encounter.  Our guide was Maddy Braverman and she was perfect for the job. She took us to places I didn’t even know that was there, such as in the CSULB photo. She was both articulate and delightful, she provided detail information on the locations she took us to. She took us to the Japanese garden and it was a good idea to do so. I took good photos from the garden such as the plants and the river. For my photos I attempted to preform different styles such as the birds eye view and landscape photos. I did use my phone and I admit that the quality of the photos didn’t come out as I planned it. Also the day was a good day to take photos too. The sunlight was perfect on the objects we took. The overall experience was unique and interesting way of exploring the campus and taking photos.

Wk5- Art Experience-Cuisine

This weeks art experience was a fun one because it was up to me to create an entire new cuisine. This dish is made up of a noodles, candy, a orange, and chili. Decided on these materials because they’re one of my favorite snacks to eat, so I came up with the idea to combine them. I went with the orange as the bowl because it is one of my favorite fruits to eat. I thought if I use the orange to hold everything, then I can get a slight taste of an orange. I went with noodles because it is a meal I usually eat when I’m lazy and hungry. I always used the chili to add to my noodles, so it was essential to include it in my cuisine. For the candy, my sister had bought a ton of these types of candy when she went to Mexico. I thought maybe I can include these to make it seem more of a Hispanic dish. The outcome of the dish didn’t come out as I had planned. I had envisioned it a lot better both in taste and appearance. The taste from the orange didn’t go well with the noodles and the candy did no fit either with the taste. Even though it didn’t come out how I wanted it, I had a blast creating my cuisine. I felt like a real chef, deciding on what materials I wanted and how it should look.

WK5- Artist Conversation- Andre Ritter

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Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: FUSE: Join to Form: Single Entity

Media: Aluminum and Metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: N/A

About the Artist: Andre graduated from Cal. State Long Beach last spring in 2015, and describes his experience in Long Beach as memorable. He had a amazing time in Long Beach and it is a experience he will remember for the rest of his life. He gets his inspiration from nature, art, and comic books. On his free time, Andre loves to be active and play volley ball with his friends. He sees himself in the next five years working as a elementary teacher in the art program. Andre has two kids that are ten and eight years old. Most of his art is designed to remind individuals of islands and the tropics. He also exclusively works with big materials to make his art.

Formal Analysis: This piece by Andre is a lamp hanging from the ceiling. From glancing at the art, you can tell that it is made out of some type of metal. It is also made in symmetry, meaning that the shape is exactly aligned on all the sides. The shape that the piece forms is a triangle. Lines seem to be a theme in this art because the panels on each side are formed by lines. Although, the shape that the panels follow differ between the rows. There seems to be one color that dominates the entire piece which is dark brown. The light from within the lamp makes it seem animate, rather than bland or boring.

Content Analysis: This lamp is designed to remind individuals of the tropical islands. Andre said that he wanted his audience to be reminded of the islands and he created that imagery in his art. He wants us to realize the different culture found within those islands; to recognize that they exist. It also seems he wants us to visual their life styles as harmonious and peaceful. When staring at the sculpture, you can realize the peaceful tone created by the piece. This is probably what Andre wanted us to see withing the sculpture and about the tropical islands.

Synthesis/ My experience: What I learned from this experience is that you can described a locations theme within art. Andre helped me realize this concept because of his art that he created. When I look at this piece, I feel as though I’m really at a tropical island. I can feel the breeze from the air and smell the ocean. This piece also brings me into a state of happiness, as if nothing can go wrong. Andre did a perfect job is describing the islands theme into his art.


WK5 – Classmate Conversation- Joshua Hyun

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Josh is a first year student who is currently majoring in anthropology. The reason for his major is because he wants to follow into his father and mother’s footsteps. He lives in Downey and also works at one of the city’s parks. He is a big fan of rock and enjoys to listen to a large number of bands. One of his favorites are Arctic Monkeys, who he went to go see in concert. Josh described the concert as amazing and one of the greatest things he had ever experienced. He was also part of the wrestling team in Downey, which he really enjoyed being part of. The reason he is taking this course is so that he can get his general education credits done. In ten years, Josh sees himself going back to South Korea to live there. He had already been there and explains that everything is in Korea is in high tech.



Wk4- Artist Conversation- Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics, Spray paint, and Clay

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West

Website: http://cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: samueljenri

About the Artist: Samuel received his degree in ceramics at CSULB, and is currently working on his post-bachelors. He started off as a production artist and until the year 2000, he started to create art with ceramics. He got his inspiration for his sculptures from exploring places with abandoned retro toys.When he finds them, he becomes emotional because they used to have a big impact on him as a child, and it also reminds him how old he is. He notices how time has changed and those particular toys no longer have the same effect they had on him. Samuel then feels compelled to replicate these toys with clay, ceramics, and paint. He believes that by modifying them, it will bring the same effect like it used to when he was young. Samuel is fascinated in the past because for him his childhood was a time of happiness and joy.

Formal Analysis: From analyzing the three sculptures, it is apparent that they are made out of ceramics. They look fragile and delicate, as if they were to fall they would shatter upon impact. The texture also feels glass like, while the scale can range from 3 feet to 5 feet tall. All three seem to contain the same color of the clay as sandy white; perhaps this choice to create them with the same color clay was so it makes it easier for him to paint them. For the added color, such as the spray paint, are different compared to all three. However, the paint added are all bright colors making all three pieces seem similar to each other. He uses the paint to make the pieces more animated, instead of leaving them plain and dull. There is symmetry between sculptures because one side such as the cookie monster piece is a exact mirror of the other side. Which this symbolizes balance in his art.

Content Analysis: What Samuel is trying to accomplish is to let everyone know about how kids in the past use to play. In the present day, most kids don’t play or interact with toys now a days. They’re mostly attached to electronics such as their phone, tablets, and gaming console. Samuel recognizes this and it makes him sad. As a result. he felt that creating art out of his favorite toys can have people realize about the past when kids relied on imagination for entertainment.

Synthesis/ My experience: I had a wonderful experience looking through Samuel’s art gallery on Thursday. It was the first time since starting this course that I witnessed a sculpture with size and length. Most of his pieces were almost as big as me. I can understand what Samuel was trying to accomplish with his art because I grew up with toys instead of electronics. It also brings my joy when I see toys I used to play with as a child too. I learned that no matter how old you get, you shouldn’t forget about the past, such as your childhood. Certain things change over time, and it feels good to reminisce about the days where it wasn’t weird and confusing as it is now.



WK4- Artist Experience- Graffiti painting

This weeks art experience was an interesting one because I had never used spray paint to graffiti before. I was always surprised at how good individuals were at drawing graffiti on the streets. When ever I saw a good one, I assume that the artist who did it is highly skilled and competent at drawing graffiti. At first I felt really inexperience because I thought I was going to need a mask for the smell, but after I outlined my initial I realized that I wouldn’t need it. After spraying my name, my assumption about them being skilled still remains. I found it difficult to accurately draw my name to the way I wanted it to be. It is apparent that the two s on my name were the hardest part for me, while the other letters weren’t as difficult. I decided to go with the colors blue and black because those were the only ones I had in my garage. I used black as the outline because black is a lot plainer than compared to blue, which I used to fill in the letters. I used cardboard as the base because I didn’t have access to a wall to graffiti on. What I learned from this experience is that graffiti does have some type of expression attached to it. I felt that my identity was imprinted in my piece and that it was a expression of myself. It was a great experience to try something new where I have no experience or knowledge.

Wk 4- Classmate Conversation- Maison Chiu

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Maison Chiu is a first year student majoring in marketing. She decided to major in marketing because it allows her to be more creative. Her hobbies include painting portraits or drawing sketches on her sketch pad. She is also active for she enjoys to play tennis with her friends at the schools courts. Maison doesn’t have a particular type of music, she just enjoys all types and is eager to discover other categories she has not listen to yet. She is also a active member in the CSULB community, Maison is in both the tennis and the christian fellowship club. She sees her self in ten years with a job, out of college, and with a family of her own. She is taking this course in the hopes it can contribute to her goal as a creative artist in marketing.

Link to Website: https://maisonchiublog.wordpress.com/


Wk3- Artist Conversation- Heather Jarrard

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Artist: Heather Jarrard

Exhibition: Standard 2.6

Media: Beans, macaroni, hot glue Size Varies

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi-Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @cobranoag

About the Artist: Heather is a graduate student who graduated from Long Beach with a major in art education. Her main focus right now is to bring awareness to others about the art program’s budget and how it isn’t acceptable at its current state. She brings this awareness by exclusively using beans and macaroni as materials in her art. Heather’s creative process begins by looking at other artist’s work so that it can inspire her. Once she receives that inspiration she begins to examine her materials for the art carefully, analyzing them piece by piece. When she is familiar with the materials, she then starts to construct the shapes mentally until she comes to the perfect shape to begin modeling the materials. Her inspiration to become a artist came from her father, who was artist himself. As of right now, Heather in interested in becoming a art teacher in either middle school or high school. Like her father, she wants to be an inspiration to other students.

Formal Analysis: The sculptures are made up of mostly beans and macaroni. The colors of the sculptures don’t differ greatly and they come out as mundane. There isn’t a distinct shape that the sculptures follow, it seems that the shapes were created randomly. One piece is shaped as a cactus while the other as a shrub. The outer layers seem rigid and smooth due to the materials. The sculptures don’t exhibit symmetry at all, they are unbalanced from top to bottom. The scale of the objects are tiny ranging from about five to seven inches. There is rhythm within the sculptures, for the consistent materials makes it seem it is following a pattern.

Content Analysis: The idea behind these sculptures are to bring awareness of the art programs low budget. Just from glancing at the art it does its job as portraying the low budget. Her idea was to use cheap materials such as macaroni and beans, which are easy to come by. She wants her audience to understand that these type of materials limit their creativity. It hinders her creativity because the materials she used doesn’t have the potential to convey her artistic expression.

Synthesis/ Experience: When I saw these sculptures, I was reminded of the sculptures I used to create in grade school. I assumed at first glance that these sculptures were ordinary and that it wasn’t innovated at all. However, when I had my conversation with Heather, my perspective of her art had changed. I can see why Heather decided to use beans and macaroni as materials. I was aware of what she was trying to accomplish, and that became admirable of her. Now when I view her art I see it as a message to the audience about the current state of the art program.