WK2 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting


“Thumbs Up”

I wanted to create a sculpture that can bring me joy and that can boost my self-confidence. In trying to figure out what kind of sculpture that can fit my design, I came up with the “Thumbs Up” sculpture. This complex piece is designed to elate me in times of sorrow and hardship. One glance at this sculpture would instantly boost my confidence, ending my short period of sorrowfulness. When I look at “Thumbs Up,” I’m also reminded of my accomplishment that I achieved throughout my life. It then brings me joy at reminiscing about my past, and the thought of continuing my journey to achieve my other goals. I created my piece in my backyard with the help of my brother and father. I decided to use my backyard because of the positive energy it has. It was a perfect location to construct my sculpture in a place that brings me positive emotions. I had difficultly at first because it wasn’t easy to pour wet sand in a bucket with my arm in it. After I had finally got the sand in the bucket it became a breeze. Although, my only complain is that the sculpture did not replicate my thumbs up position precisely. What I really wanted to aim for was a sculpture to not only bring me positive energy, but to bring that energy to other individuals.


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