Wk 7- Classmate Conversation- Jhonatan Ramos

image1 (8).JPG

For this weeks classmate conversation, I got the opportunity to meet Jhonatan. Jhonatan is a first year student who is majoring in philosophy, and the reason why is so that he can become a priest. He wants to become a priest because his family is religious and he felt that becoming a priest would be the best way to explore his religion. Jhonatan is currently nineteen years old and is enjoying the semester so far. He came from northern California and lives in the dorms on CSULB campus. On his free time he enjoys to take long walks on the beach, play video games, watch TV, and cook. He doesn’t have a particular type of music, but loves to listen to all types. He use to work at McDonalds for the summer and did like the experience. He said that the work load was too much and the pay to little. In ten years he sees himself being a priest in Northern California.


Website: https://jhonatan2016.wordpress.com/



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